Why Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal has become a big trend today and with good reason. More and more people are doing laser treatments to rid themselves of unwanted and often unsightly body hair!
Reasons include hygiene, health, beauty, problem spots, saves time and money.
For many, at first glance, treatments seem expensive (it really isn't), but many also consider laser hair removal as an investment. Once the treatment is done – hair is gone. It is the most effective and cost-effective treatment over a lifetime.

Consider this. If you do a  Brazilian wax at the cost of roughly R 350 per session, that would cost R 2100 for six sessions. A similar Laser treatment would costs in the region of R 700 per session. That is R4200 for six sessions. After only 12 regular wax treatments, you would break even. BUT you would still need to wax after those 12 sessions. With laser you do 6 sessions and are done. There might be a touch up session in 18-24 months. You can also say goodbye to the painful waxing process forever.
Other popular options people use to temporarily get rid of unwanted body hair include:

Hair removal Lotions

A chemical composition to relax the hair follicle so the hair is easily swept away. These chemicals in the product may irritate sensitive areas and skin, causing a rash. It has a strong odor and very messy. One is also more prone to ingrown hairs. One bottle lasts only 1 treatment, making it very expensive.


A constant battle with the razor. Hairs are cut of at the surface making the regrowth quick and blunt. This causes the hair to look thicker. Blunt razors can cause razor burns and news razors can cause cuts. Ingrown hairs are also a BIG possibility.


When you wax, you need to grow the unwanted hair as the wax need to grip the hair. This is painful due to the hair being ripped out as the root. Waxing is typically done every 4 weeks. There is also a possibility of ingrown hairs. Treatments are often on the expensive side.

So, Why laser hair removal?

Because laser destroys the hair follicle ensuring that there is no regrowth. The hair that is destroyed will NEVER grow back again. You will save untold amounts of time and energy while saving money in the long term. No more will you be caught out with unsightly, unshaven legs or underarms. No more skin irritations. To view some results of people that have had laser treatments done, please click here.