Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal is a process that involves using sophisticated medical grade laser to introduce energy into the skin using the stub of the hair as conduit to permanently destroy the hair follicle. Primitive forms of hair removal such as shaving / waxing / epilating offers short term results to a problem many people face with regards to unwanted body hair, where as laser hair removal means saying goodbye to these and saving on time and money.

Older laser technologies that use "IPL laser - Intense Pulse Light" is very painful and used only Light Energy to heat and destroy the hair follicle. The laser  system we use combines two types of energy, namely RF and Laser. The Radio Frequency (RF) energy was introduced to help target hair / skin types that cannot be targeted with regular laser such as light hair types (Blond / Red) and darker complexions. Because the "Laser Only" type of technologies can only utilize light energy, the power output is often high enough to cause serious burns to the skin and a lot of discomfort to the patient. ELOS technology, reduces the amount of laser energy required as it combines the radio energy allowing for an absolutely pain-free treatment in Motif mode and near painless with slight discomfort in "Pulse Mode".

Motif mode is used to treat larger areas (Chest / Legs / Under Arms etc) and Pulse Mode small areas (Chin / Upper Lip / Neckline etc). The eLase machine is the only machine at the moment that offers Motif mode. It also has a cooling tip used to cool down the treatment area in both Motif and Pulse Mode laser that greatly increases the treatment comfort level.

eLase offers the best result for laser hair removal as this medical grade laser is backed by world leaders in aesthetic beauty equipment namely Syneron Candela. The treatments and actual device adheres to the highest and stickiest international standards and has been approved by both international and local medical regulatory bodies.

Don't be fooled by cheaper options. Our treatment packages offers you the best laser treatment ensuring lasting and impressive results!

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