Questions and Answers

We have compiled a list of relevant questions and answers regarding laser hair removal.


How does Laser Hair Removal work?

The laser is attracted to the melanin (color) in the hair. The heat from the laser then travels down the hair shaft to the bulb. The RF amplifies the heat to ensure destruction of the blood supply to that hair.
Clients must please shave prior to treatment. Shaving helps the laser efficiently target and deliver energy to the hair follicle.


Is Laser Hair Removal safe?

The procedure is completely safe. The technology in use was researched and developed by Syneron-Candela a world wide leader in the development in aesthetic technology. Our machine is approved by the Department of Health and follow the highest International standards of health and safety.


Does the Laser Hair Removal process hurt?

The head has a cooling tip to cool the skin as soon as it makes contact . In pulse mode the treatment is virtually painless. Sensitive areas such as face and bikini might feel n slight pin prick, but the cooling tip does ease the sensation.
In Motif mode the treatment is completely pain free.


What is Pulse and Motif mode?

Pulse mode: focuses energy in a small area,  1 pulse per second. This combined with sensitive areas (face and bikini) typically causes a pin prick sensation and varies from person to person.
Motif mode: distributes energy in a allocated area, 10 pulses per second. The energy is delivered so fast that the nervous system does not register any pain. This mode is typically used on larger areas (back, legs, under arms)


What areas can be laser treated?

Laser can be done on most areas on the skin, as long as the head can make FULL contact with the skin. Basic areas covered: Uni brow; Upper lip; Beard; Jaw line; Shoulders; Back; Chest; Underarms; Arms; Legs; Bikini


How many treatments does one typically need for good results?

Generally: Any treatment above the collar bone - 8 sessions

Generally: Any treatment below the collar bone - 6 sessions

But every one is unique and after an in depth consultation this will be determined.


Does laser hair removal work on all skin types?

With the eLase we can treat ANY skin type and a wide variety of hair and hair colors.
It is suitable for all ethnic groups.


How long does the procedure typically take?

This will depend on the area that is being treated. Anywhere between 10-60 minutes.
A once off consultation is required before the first treatment and is typically 30-40 minutes.


What to do before the procedure?

If you've waxed before, you should wait 6 weeks before doing the first laser hair removal treatment.You can ONLY shave between treatment. Do not use self tan lotion or be in the sun at least 24 hours before your session.

Depending on what time of day your appointment is, it would be best to shave the night before your treatment. The closer the shave the better the result afterwards. The area should be lotion and deodorant free.


After Care?

Use a WATER based sunblock. Do not go into direct sunlight as the skin may be sensitive.


Are there any side effects?

The skin may be red and sensitive after the treatment. This dissipates after a few hours.