About Us

The idea behind Nudo Bellus started after having my daughter a few months ago. I had done some laser hair removal, but could not continue due to being pregnant. Unfortunately because of the break in the treatment I still had some unwanted hair and needed to shave more often. Luckily I can start with the treatment again and getting rid of this unwanted hair. 

Nudo Bellus began taking shape after speaking with a friend of mine that wanted to do hair removal on his back, but did not want to do waxing and laser as it is TOO painful. The eLase with motif makes this more ‘open’ to everyone as it is a pain free treatment. Especially on large areas like the back and chest.

Nudo Bellus is a boutiquestudio in Bellville. It is ideal for those that feel a bit intimidated by a big beauty salon. Especially people who have never been to one. Yet we offer a state-of-the-art hair removal service using the eLase LHR system.

It is suitable for all skin types and the widest variety of hair color. For a more complete overview book a consultation now.